Make Every Day a Spa Day™ with a Jet-Pro Shower Spa.

Rejuvenate your bathroom in minutes with a Jet-Pro Shower Spa — no remodeling or new plumbing required, unimaginably affordable!

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Jet-Pro Shower Spa panel for DIY shower renovation

Jet-Pro shower spas releive back painWe've Got Your Back™

Millions of Americans suffer from back or joint pain, but Jet-Pro Shower Spas® offer an attractive solution. Our revolutionary Back Saver Technology provides the only in-home shower solution designed to focus hydrotherapeutic massage power right where it’s needed. Watch our videos »

Hydrotherapy Benefits:

  • Relief from pain & stress
  • Increased circulation
  • Immune system stimulation
  • Release of endorphins
  • Flushing the body of toxins

Jet-Pro showers feature adjustable body comfort jetsJet-Pro Shower Spas Features

Effortlessly change from invigorating massage, to misty rain and everywhere in between with our shower spas.

From the giant 8-inch Rain-Style shower head to the removable Twist Select Hand Shower™ and our exclusive Powerful Comfort Jets aligned with critical muscle groups in the back and shoulders, Jet-Pro Shower Spas have the spa experience you're looking for.

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Jet-Pro shower spas provide a luxurious transformation to your bathroomA Luxurious Transformation

Jet-Pro Shower Spas update any bathroom suite into a sensational resort spa environment. The beauty of their timeless designs, finest-quality materials and workmanship provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

Make every day a Spa Day!™

Only Jet-Pro Shower Spas have a range of massage, mist and cascade showering that makes the rejuvenation and relaxation of a spa trip into a wonderful everyday experience.

Remodel Without Remodeling

Jet-Pro designer shower panels are the perfect solution for all persons who want a remodeled shower suite, but don’t want to pay tens of thousands of dollars for new construction. Instantly increase a home’s beauty, value and functionality. No wait. No downtime. It’s the ultimate in immediate gratification!

Jet-Pro showers install in 3 easy stepsQuick, Easy In-Home Installation

The unique pre-plumbed, totally self-contained construction allows any shower (home, apartment, hotel or health club) to receive a remodel-level upgrade in less than an hour – without new construction or changes to existing pipes and water pressure. You don’t even have to turn off the water supply!

Watch our install video »

Do-it-yourselfers or professionals can get the job done in approximately 30 minutes.

It’s Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Remove old showerhead,
  2. Attach two mounting brackets,
  3. Hook connection to the water line, hang unit and enjoy!