Attractive Styles To Choose From

The specialized design of these new full featured shower spas bring both elegant styling and superior body massage pleasure right into your home. It is like waking up and stepping into your own private water wonderland.

Each of the models below come in a range of colors to choose from. Be sure to browse our product catalog to see which color and style best fits your bathroom!

Royal Black Shower SpaRoyal

Distinctive Design, Lasting Impression

The stylish contouring of the Royal model makes an unforgettable change in any home. Clean, polished glass surfaces are highlighted with glistening chrome hardware accents. The rich, lustrous housing reflects the surrounding decor, uniquely, beautifully blending and contrasting at the same time. The integrated shelf keeps shower and spa necessities conveniently at hand.

Imperial White Shower SpaImperial

Elegant Lines, Classic Beauty

Instantly transform any bathroom with unmatched beauty and spa features! The Imperial body styling features timeless design to enhance any existing fixtures or tiling. Smooth FRP composite and chrome hardware attachments. Includes convenient custom beveled mirror, expanding the visual space of any shower suite and is perfectly placed for facial scrubs or shaving.

Colonial Bamboo Shower SpaColonial

Bold Lines, Striking Designs

The sleek, modern contours of our Colonial model stand out in any setting. Internal structure and Comfort Jet placement have been re-engineered to produce a compact silhouette with all of the features and power of other models. Bold graphic prints and breathtaking polished finishes ensure that these panels make a huge impression with their graceful profile.

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Jet-Pro Shower Spas come in many styles, designs, and colors