People Rave About Jet-Pro Shower Spas!

The Luxury to Enjoy

“After being selected to evaluate the Jet-Pro Shower Spa we gladly replaced our ordinary shower head with the Jet-Pro full featured Shower Spa. My wife and I had the luxury to enjoy the many massaging jets, multi-function hand sprayer on the adjustable slide bar and the high output rain shower head. When the Jet-Pro Shower Spa staff came to remove the spa from our shower for evaluation purposes and replace it with our old ordinary shower head it was impossible to accept. We had to have the Jet-Pro Shower Spa back! We love it.”

– Steve Malone III, General Contractor

The Hottest NEW Product in Years!

“Jet-Pro Shower Spas is one of the hottest NEW bath product categories in years! Turning the shower into a “Spa Retreat” is one of the top 5 trends in baths today. Why? These pre-plumbed Shower columns (panels) which are IAPMO pending approval use the existing shower valve… You remove the shower arm, quick connect to the 1/2” I.P.S. connection and fasten to the wall, all in 15 minutes or so. These units were tested under normal water pressure and were engineered to work effectively. The company is rock solid. The panels come in a wide variety of colors.”

– Peter Schor “Mr. Bath”